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collaborating with brow Guru, Damone Roberts. Roberts celebrity clientele includes a long list of celebrity clientele such as Beyonc¨¦, Robert Downey Jr., Channing Tatum, Taraji P. Henson and Kelly Rowland just to name a few. The eyes are the window to the soul and it needs a great brows to frame it. If you are looking to get the perfect brows MAC Cosmetics, ¡°Brows Are It¡± collection with Damone Roberts provides you with all of the tools you need to ensure your brows are on ¡°fleek.¡± The collection is available now online and in stores March 3.

Damone Roberts shares how he started his career with MAC Cosmetics as a teenager and fast forward years later he is now collaborating with his former employer. Find out Roberts tips and trick and exclusive how-to¡¯s in obtaining the perfect brows. Q: How does it feel to be the new face of MAC Cosmetics latest collaboration on brows? DR: Yes, I am the new face of MAC Cosmetics Collaboration and it feels exhilaratingly fantastic! Q: What would you have said to your 18-year-old self when you first started working for MAC Cosmetics 20 years ago? DR: To my 18-year-old self, I would never have believed it. I worked for MAC 20 years ago and it was the top cosmetics company then and it still is today. I was so excited to get my foot in the door and learn all that I could before I decided to leave the company and explore the world of eyebrows. To come back full circle really exciting.

Q: What makes your collection with MAC Cosmetics much more different than what they have had in the past? DR: Because it¡¯s eyebrow centered and I became known as ¡°The Eyebrow King¡± because I take eyebrows seriously, I felt it was underestimated and it became the future of the face. I think that now we¡¯ve been able to convey that into a collection that really works for all skin tones, from the lightest light to the deepest dark. There are a lot of products that say that they¡¯re brow focused but there is nothing These are really centered for the eyebrows for women across the board. Q: What does the Damone Roberts for MAC Collection contain? DR: The new collection contains new items from MAC and the Damone Roberts Collection called ¡°The Eyes Are It,¡± a new jumbo brow pencil which I¡¯m really excited about because it gives a really full eyebrow to women who want more of a natural look. Brow Gels that give a little more dramatic look that would be similar to Katy Perry¡¯s. It¡¯s obvious its filled in, but that¡¯s the look. We have our tinted brow gel sets which contain really cool colors. My favorite is a color called ¡°Girl Boy.¡± We have double-ended brown pencils where you can fill them in on one side and the spoolie on the other end. We also have a deluxe brow liner and brow duos where you can mix them and go darker. It¡¯s a full and complete line focused solely on the brows. Q: There¡¯s a trend now you see a lot of women filling their brows in heavily at the beginning of the brow and becoming lighter on the end. What is the right way to fill in your brows? DR: the one general rule is that there is no rule and the beauty of a company such as MAC Cosmetics is that they allow you to express yourself however you choose to do so. Personally, I share with my staff that when you fill in your eyebrows you should always be softer at the beginning and it should gradually get darker towards the end, like an ombre effect. You want to deepen your brows to make them central to your face but you still want them to look natural overall. Q: Are thicker or thinner brows in now? DR: Thicker brows are youthful. The thinner and eyebrow is, it can make a person look harsh and sinister like. I always use the analogy of the fairy tales because Snow White has really full brows and the Wicked Step Mother has really thin arching eyebrows. They do that for a reason and it can instantly change your face. If you switch the eyebrows on Snow White with her evil sisters, Snow White would look evil and her steps sisters soft. That one simple feature can change everything. Q: What are do¡¯s and don¡¯ts for brows? DR: I don¡¯t like shaving brows at all because it changes the texture of the eyebrow hair. It¡¯s not safe to bring a razor anywhere near your eye, period. I think that it is really important to clean excess hair with wax via a professional that fine tunes it with tweezers. I find a lot of people also like threading but they need to go to a professional to get the right shape so you can maintain the brows between appointments. I recommend seeing a professional for your brows. Q; Can people come to Damone Roberts Beverly Hills Salon with their MAC-Damone Roberts ¡°The Eyes Have It¡± products from the line for an appointment with you.? DR: Yes, and they can see my Damone Roberts ¡°On Demand¡± artists in Beverly Hills, New York City and Seattle. They will come to your home or business to give you the same DRBH treatment you¡¯d get in our salon.